DJ Shottage – KNH Entertainment Chairman Speaks On The Upcoming Hall Week Celebration


This year Kwame Nkrumah Hall of the University of Competitive Choice begins its hall week celebration come Monday 11th of February, 2019. Legacybase Online Magazine caught up with KNH Hall Entertainment Chairman in an upclose interview on the upcoming celebration.

MBA: It’s great to have you today. Kindly give us a brief introduction about yourself?
DJ Shottage: My name is Mark Clinton Anaful a level 400 Bachelor of Education Science student. An affiliate of the only Hall of Excellence on UCC campus. I like listening to music. I’m popularly known as Dj Shottage on campus. Mind you I’m the tallest Ent. Chairman KNH can ever boast of. ***Both Laughs***

Executive Wear

MBA: So what expectations should students have for the Boys kasa Hall Week?
DJ Shottage: Their expectations should be very high and they should keep anticipating because we are on track.

MBA: What do you have to say about the management’s decision on the cancellation of the boxing night?
DJ Shottage: Hmmm, “eno bi easy ooo.” KNH is known for boxing night when it comes to hall week on this campus. We have been organizing this program for years but unfortunately for this year we are to take it out from our program outline. Though it is not easy for the planning committee and the entertainment committee but we have to abide by what the University authorities say.

Rep Your School

MBA: Why should students in the diaspora participate in the hall week?
DJ Shottage: Students in the diaspora should participate fully because this year would be something more than last year’s celebration. We are still climbing the entertainment ladder on this campus and very soon people will say that KNH is the entertainment hall on UCC campus.

MBA: We’ve been seeing some flyers around, a particular one I saw had Indomie on it. Is indomie a sponsor?
DJ Shottage: Eermm, yh but not a direct sponsorship to the hall. It is powered by an event house called Twitchouse in collaboration with Shottainment and the Hall Week Planning Committee lead by My Senior Man “One Guy.”

Rep Your Team

MBA: Great to have an event house this year. I think we should expect more things this year. Boys Kasa indeed !!!!
DJ Shottage:  Now those “them call themselves entertainment gurus on UCC campus are sleeping “so we dey wan show dem say dem sleep but KNH is on fire nti wiase y3 d3”. We will party this year too.

MBA: Which artiste will be repping the hall week?
DJ Shottage:  This one bi suprise ohh. Haha


MBA: Anything to say to ATL since they also having theirs the same time as yours or we should just expect the best from KNH?
DJ Shottage: Yhh, hmm I’m afraid for them because apart from the power night, they will all come to KNH to enjoy our hall week.

MBA: I think this should be well meted out to Alonso of AES (My personal attack)
DJ Shottage: Haha.

MBA: 🤣🤣🤣Why do you say power night. KNH does not have Power night?
 Shortage KNH: No “you see say every hall get program wey edey bee for in hall week inside. So as for ATL ebi only power night buh KNH get chaw programs wey edey beeee plus our Artiste night go be mega” .

Alhaji and Hajia

MBA: Any last words?
DJ Shottage: You can confirm by yourself that the KNH you knew is the not the KNH you are seeing today. All I will say is we are going higher in everything especially entertainment activities because we are the hall of excellence on this campus. Kudos to the hall week planing committee, the Shottainment crew, One Guy, Fillaman Stynero, Henry, MBA and all those behind this project.

MBA: Then I guess this year die3 Ibi Things 🔥🔥🔥
DJ Shottage: Last year artiste night was mega with one artiste buh this year we are bringing more than two artistes so you can imagine and also on the Sunday, we are bringing two artistes. So ibi things ampa no joke 🔥🔥🔥. ” Abi u dey kai our slogan, wobete borborleborbor” so u can imagine the artiste we are bringing on board. Slow but sure 🔥🔥🔥

MBA: Thanks for your time
DJ Shottage:
Thanks Senior

So guys you’ve heard it all from the man in charge. Lets see whether KNH will impress us or not.




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