Many Ghanaians, on Monday, took to social media to express their shock and confusion after several photos emerged online, suggesting that Kumawood actress Nayas 1 and actor Apostle John Prah had married each other.
Though I cannot confirm if the two are really married or just a showbiz business.
In one of the photos, Nayas, in a beautiful gown, was seated, while John Prah in his nice suit bent over her as they looked each other in the eye.
In another one, the pastor was captured firmly clinging on to Nayas’ back as they let out beautiful smiles.
Some Instagram users who have commented on the photos have said they are confused, as they do not know if the two have been married in real life of acting a scene in a movie.

For instance, Zionfelix plainly said he was confused as to whether the photos were real or just for a publicity stunt.

zionfelixdotcom: “Is it official between Apostle Prah and Nayas1 or then things some? We are just confused oo…” Ahocfe added that she was also confused
ahocfe: “I’m confused lol eye asemooo.” Effy said she knew John Prah to be an already married man, and wondered what he was actually doing with Nayas 1.
effy_tuffs: “Ah but I know this man’s wife. What’s really going on?.” Nayas 1 was in the news some time ago following her brawl with gospel singer Ernest Opoku

Just recently after the pictures were out on social media with all those comment, Apostle John Prah came out with a video been so mad and angry. According to Apostle John Prah, he don’t understand why Nayas will post picture that will be using for a movie cover and and with all that caption.  According to Apostle he told Nayas not to be posting those picture on social media because he has nothing to do with her and those pictures are just for movie cover.

In the video Apostle John Pray made it clear that he has seen Nayas only two time in his life and have nothing to do with her but just acting a movie and taking picture for the movie cover.

Watch video of Apostle John Prah in the link below

source: rock3sixty and trend1_gh




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