Trending: The Weekend Warmup show with dj christcentric ep.2


After the release of the first episode fans and enthusiasts took to social media to express their awe at the mixes our favorite Gospel DJ gave them. As if that’s not enough, others trod his whatsapp number to share their thoughts. Yet again DJ ChristCentric hits us one more time with an amazing array of mixes. He calls this one the EPIGNOSIS mix.

In an interview with he indicated that his major inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit. His vision is to give everyone something good to enjoy in CHrist ; instead of people rushing to the clubs for good tunes, he would rather give it to them right here in church.

This one features some Word exegesis, hard rap and endorsement from the creme de la creme in the industry,with the likes of Esias, Preachers and others.

Not to bore you with much details, Follow the link, enjoy and agree with me, It’s that simple.



DJ ChristCentric




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