Why NUGS – UCC Is Boycotting Any Congress By A Faction.


NUGS NUGS NUGS (National Union of Ghanaian Students) has been trending in recent times. With University of Ghana, Legon SRC withdrawing from NUGS and University of Cape Coast boycotting congress by a faction, could there be mayhem in the NUGS?

In an interview with Newton Ansah – Public Relations Officer of UCC Local NUGS he said:

NUGS organises a Congress annually but before Congress is preceded by a Central Committee(CC) meeting of NUGS which is the second highest decision making body mandated to discuss matters of Congress.

UCC SRC President – John Kpodo at a NUGS gathering

Central Committee of NUGS comprises of;
National Officers and Bloc Representatives,
NUGS Representative on International Bodies(observers),
SRC President,
SRC Secretaries,
Local NUGS Presidents,
Local NUGS Secretaries,
Chairpersons of the Local Women’s Commission
President and Secretary of member blocs.


This year there was a decision that there would be a unity congress but it looks like there has been some form or miscommunication or disrespect to our local chapter.

Local NUGS President Ebo Mensah Acquah

The said date was never communicated to us but then what do we see Faction A is saying this and Faction B is also saying this.


In view of this, we the Local NUGS of the University of Competitive Choice have decided to boycott any congress by a faction. Until the leadership of NUGS deems it appropriate to operate the union on the principles and visions that gave way to its fruition, we would keep on boycotting.
We only want the right thing to be done.




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