St. Augustine’s College Reference Book. Conquering with Perseverance – Our Past Our Present and Our Future


Saint Augustine’s College. The Green College


This is the greeting that transpires when APSUnians meet. On the 8th of December, 2017 at the Coconut Groove Regency Hotel, Accra, history would be made because St. Augustine’s College, the Premier Catholic 2nd cycle institution in the country would launch its Almanac – College Reference Book.


This Almanac tells it all about the college; Conquering with Perseverance. It includes our past, our Present and our future. Let me give you a brief history about my college.

 St. Augustine’s College is an all-male academic institution in Cape Coast, Ghana. The school started at Amissano, a village near Elmina in 1930. This Roman Catholic institution was established to serve as a training college and seminary. The school was named after St. Augustine of Hippo.

St. Augustine’s College is the biggest Catholic secondary school in Ghana to date. The college’s ground and playing fields cover an area of about 130 acres. It is bounded by the Fosu Lagoon and Adisadel Estates to the North; St. Augustine’s Practice J.H.S., the Catholic Education Unit and the Archbishop’s House to the West; the Cape Coast Metropolitan Hospital and part of the Fosu Lagoon to the East; and the Atlantic Ocean to the South. It is about 1.8 km from Cape Coast Town Hall (Bakaano) and about 2.3 km from the West Gate of the University of Cape Coast.

St. Augustine’s College, popularly known as “AUGUSCO”, calls its past students “APSUnians” and yes I am a Proud APSUnian.


You are already amazed… Haha, there are more you didn’t know about this great college. Get yourself a copy of the book during the Launch and broaden your knowledge about this great college.

What is the College Reference Book about?


In an article by Dr. Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang (APSU 2001) he said:

This well-organized almanac traces the history of Saint Augustine’s from its nascent birth through the establishment of the teacher training college to the secondary school itself, better known as the College. Enough information is provided at each step, and it will interest the audience to see how meticulous the founders were in systematically going through the creation process. These first chapters again explain the decision to name the College after Aurelius Augustinus, the philosophy of the College, when the College took off, as well as the houses of residence that provide accommodation for the young men of the College.

The almanac continues by providing a solid picture of the school’s administration, its achievements, the role of the past students’ union (APSU), among other interesting chapters. One chapter of particular interest is Chapter 26, where APSUnians from each decade since the inception of the College share their experiences with relation to Augusco. This chapter is laden with gems that not only underline the different engagements with the College from different eras but also show the ways in which the College is a consistent mainstay in Ghana’s evolution.
Overall, Saint Augustine’s College – Conquering with Perseverance is a tremendous work that is well-researched and contributes massively to educational formation and nation building.”


I am myself a former St. George’s House Prefect (APSU 2014). This college has instilled in me good morals and discipline for which I am proud of. I raise the flag of AUGUSCO high everywhere I go. Kudos to the Compilation team, APSU Secretariat, College Management, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff, general student body and all those who participated in the success of this Almanac.








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