Shatta Wale is a Villager – Real MC & Ogya 420



The habour City signed Artist from Cape Coast, Real MC and one of the best music producers in the Central Region , Ogya 420 threw shots at the self claimed DanceHall King , “Shatta Wale” over the “Ghana is a village” Saga.

This happened on ATL fm  in Cape coast on the show hosted by Barrister Daniels today. The show was discussing about the Reign Album tour stop in London, Uk

Shata Wale who claims of making history because his show sold out about 2000 tickets and after performing, he announced Ghana as a village and told the people at the show to say it after him.

Ogya 420 said Shatta is out of his mind and he does not consider Shatta Wale as someone in his right sense. “Shatta Wale should be arrested as soon as he comes to Ghana”, he added.

Real MC also said Shatta Wale should be mindful of what he says and do because his actions destroys the image of Ghana. “Shatta Wale should be mindful of his actions because a lot of young talents look up to him”

They both agreed that Shatta Wale is Uncultured, uncivilized and a barbarian. plus  Shatta Wale Should get some manners. “This is the third stage of Shatta Wale’s Madness so lets wait for level four”. Ogya 420 said. Others called in to also blast Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale has threatened to cap-side  Ghana as soon as he gets back from his Reign Album Tour if presenters and bloggers don’t  stop with the “Ghana is a Village” saga. He also said it will be so drastic that the President ‘Nana Akufo Addo’ or the Ghanaian police will have to beg him to stop.  ..






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