Impart Foundation Presents A Pre S.H.S Mentorship Seminar


Impart Foundation is a non-governmental and non-political organization based on the idea of humanism, voluntarism, bettering lives and causing a positive change.

Impart Foundation focuses on four areas. These are: Imparting lives positively, Love for humanity, Voluntarism and Giving back to society. In view of this Impart Foundation presents A PRE S.H.S MENTORSHIP SEMINAR dubbedCareer Choices & What You Need To Know.”

Legacybase Online Magazine caught up in an interview with Benedicta Owusu Donkor – The Projects Coordinator.

Legacybase Online Magazine: Kindly tell us more about this program.

Benedicta Owusu Donkor: Thank you for this platform. So as the theme says: Career Choices and what you need to know, we identified that most youth especially J.H.S students lack appropriate career guidance mentorship that will help them make informed and refined educational, personal and career choices. Hence, we’ve decided to organize this mentorship seminar to reach out to them so as they make right choices.

A section of Junior High School Students in Class

Legacybase Online Magazine: That’s great. So, when and where is this seminar taking place?

Benedicta Owusu Donkor:  On the 12th of October, 2018 at the Imam Basic School, Amamoma Community in the Central Region.

Impart Foundation in retrospect

Legacybase Online Magazine: Our gossip bird tells us that there has also been an Empowerment & Mentorship series circulating on your social media platforms. How true is this?

Benedicta Owusu Donkor: This is very true. The Mentorship & Empowerment Series is for all who feel they need to be mentored or empowered. We are there for them. Updates can be seen on our social media pages. Facebook page, Twitter page  & Instagram page.

Legacybase Online Magazine: Miss, so how can people help support this worthy cause?

Benedicta Owusu Donkor: We are open to all walks of lives who would like to help in cash, kind or in person. We are also soliciting for exercise books to give to our wonderful future leaders. Our mobile lines are 0243929763 and 0242342588.

Project ICT 101 in retrospect

Legacybase Online Magazine: The whole management of Legacybase Online Magazine wishes you well in your endeavors.

Benedicta Owusu Donkor:  Thank you so much. We appreciate the platform given to us as well.

As Mother Theresa quoted “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

A team member mentoring during Project Clothe A Person

Love is something unique and something to be expressed. Love comes to those who still hope, to those who have been disappointed, to those who have been betrayed, to those who believe and those who have been hurt before. A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.

Action speaks louder than words

Let us join Impart Foundation show love to these wonderful kids.

Your Advice can help. Your Support can help. Your Money can help. Your Smile can help. Your Time can help.

#impartfoundation – impacting lives is a priority not an option.


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