ICAG Change of Syllabus


The Institute of Chartered Accountant Ghana (ICAG), has on 26th July, 2018  revised it existing syllabus and will take effect from November 2019.

In attendance was some council members, qualified members,student of ICAG,the media and other interested persons.

Addressing the audience at the seminar, at the Bank of Ghana auditorium Economic Department (University of Ghana) by a council member he gave a vivid details of the new syllabus  and explained it will help bring out more competent and relevant accountant in all field.


In addition he stated that the council of the Institute has  gone through several checks and have confident for this new syllabus.


Below is the revised syllabus.



Old syllabus                                                                       Revised syllabus

Level one

1.1 Financial accounting                                                 Financial accounting

1.2  Business Management                                            Business Management

1.3  Corporate Law                                                         Corporate Law

1.4   Quantitative Tool in Business                                 Introduction to Management account

 Level two

2.1 Financial Reporting                                                 Financial Reporting

2.2 Management Accounting                                       Management Accounting

2.3 Audit and Assurance                                               Audit and Assurance

2.4 Financial Management                                           Financial Management

2.5 Public Sector A/C and Finance                               Public Sector Accounting and finance

2.6 Corporate strategy,Ethics                                        Principles of Taxation’s

Level three

3.1 Corporate Reporting                                                  Corporate Reporting

3.2 Advanced Audit and Assurance                                 Advanced Audit and Assurance

3.3 Taxation and Fiscal policies                                        Advanced Taxation

3.4 Advanced Financial Management                              Strategic Case Study


 Credit: Godfred Addo




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