Dora Awo Ampaabeng – My Barcamp Experience So Far


My name is Dora Awo Ampaabeng, a student of the University of Cape Coast. I believe most of you have heard Barcamp, Barcamp, Barcamp. What then is Barcamp?

I love what I do 

Barcamp is a user-generated conference (or unconference) powered by GhanaThink.
It is an open, participatory workshop-event, whose content is provided by participants.

The Barcamp Ghana events – free networking forums – are organized to forge networking, discussion, partnerships and change.

Cape Coast Logistics Lead – Dora

GhanaThink is an organization that seeks to mobilize and organize talent for the primary benefit of Ghana, of Africa and the whole world. GhanaThink’s vision is to build a critical mass of patriotic, passionate, positive, proactive, progressive and productive people. GhanaThink thrives on the free flow of information, a friendly atmosphere and the loss of the paranoia of our neighbors. We want to make a difference so we choose to do it differently.

Ato Ulzen-Appiah, Director of Ghana Think

Our principles are motivated by this higher purpose: to restore the confidence of our peoples, especially the most disadvantaged.We believe in homegrown solutions to problems, because these are inherently more robust. All labor is purely voluntary.
Our watchwords are: Sincerity, Integrity, Responsibility, Commitment & Acceptance of diversity

Myself in Action

I attended my first Barcamp in 2015 which was a year after Senior High School. Since then I have learnt a lot from different people especially volunteerism. The act of volunteerism is doing things wholeheartedly without any expectations. It gingered my love for it.

In a pose with MBA – Cape Coast Online Lead

I became the lead of logistics in 2016. Indeed, it wasn’t an easy task since it was my first time but it became easy for me when I met the other team members. Another lesson I learnt was team work. There is a saying that if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far, go with people. There is no better working experience than working in a team.

The Cape Coast Team

Again, through this experience I have learnt how to plan an event without the help of any second party. Where else will you get such an opportunity?

Barcamp is not just any program but it has helped a lot of people to be entrepreneurs and gain other skills from other people. What is more exciting than learning something new than what you already know and meeting new people who through one way or another can help you whenever you need them, who knows where your helper might come from.

Leticia Our Cape Coast Team Lead

The goal of Barcamp is to help Ghanaians learn about the issues that affect them, generate ideas for development, network and partner with others who have similar interests and improve or start businesses and projects.

Barcamp Cape Coast 2017 in retrospect

It has been an exciting experience working for Ghana Think.
Barcamp Ghana, More vim.

Barcamp Cape Coast 2017 in retrospect

In view of this I invite you to Barcamp Cape Coast this year. Join us on October 6 at Superannuation Conference room, UCC for Barcamp Cape Coast 2018.

We will Learn, interact and share ideas. You can’t afford to miss. Follow #bccapecoast and #BarcampGhanaAt10 for updates.
Registration is important, kindly do so via to reserve your seat.




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