Dawn of A Digital Age – How Prepared is your business?


Hello guys, how are you preparing for a digital age? In 10 years’ time, human labor will drop by 50%, Is your skill set now sustainable for the next 10 years?

Inkgate Global prepares you for a digital age

Evidently you saw how banks reduced their staff with the introduction of Mobile Money, USSD and Mobile Apps. You also saw how MTN has introduced Momo ATMs. Drones are abounding. Robots are coming.

They’re coming to make humans obsolete. AI wants to rule. You rule with it or you get ruled by it. Survivors will be those into buying and selling. Preferably food, clothing, shelter, gadgets etc.

Even with that, boutiques will have just one attendant operating a computer system that monitors stock vs sales, while monitoring expenses and profits. So still, there’s that probability of reduction in human labor. Please my people, learn a sustainable skill. Even we the IT guys are crying because AI algorithms are stealing our jobs.

It’s more serious than we’re seeing. With WIX platform, you can create a site in hours. With logo joy, u can get a logo done in seconds. With Canva you can get graphic designs done in minutes. With Powtoon you can get animations done in hours. Facebook management is now easy with a Business AD Account. All these things used to be done across a timeline by programmers. But now it’s getting done easily by yourself online. So, you see? What skill set are we getting ready to use for the future?

Someone is saying Doctors are safe. NO o. BIKO! Those days, 10 doctors will be working on one surgery. Nowadays, 4 doctors, 2 computers, 1 robot. It’s faster, more efficient and risk free. What will the other doctors do? Wanzam or Abortion?.

Nowhere cool. The effects will see overpopulation with high unemployment rate. Crime will escalate. Hunger will escalate. Wars are easily started. Then the whites will start wiping blacks out with either Ebola or some other bio weapon.

Someone is saying journalists and photographers and cinematographers are safe. NO o. BIKO! Haven’t you seen good pics which were taken by phones? A smartphone, a tripod can stream an event live. Those times you need a whole group of gadgets to get it done. You would be paying not less than
Ghȼ 1000.00 for a 3-man team. Now with Viddyoze or Filmora you can shoot and edit all by yourself. You just need to be creative. Nowhere cool Charlie. AI is coming.

Someone said people with degrees are suffering, how much more those with BECE certificates 😂😂. You are rude! But trust me, people without degrees are making even more impact and of course chopping big money than degree holders. In my opinion, it’s not about where you work nowadays o, it’s about what you do. What do you have to offer? What are you bringing to the table?

Just a paper that says all correct and you can’t prove how you had all correct? That’s why I say whatever you are doing,  Excel at it. Attach some digital appeal to it, and you’ll be able to sustain the coming age.

Farmers are far from safe. I recently got the privilege of contributing on the blueprint of a BIG upcoming farming project, I was stunned at the total budget and the level of human labor. Instead of plenty security men, electric fences and CCTV systems are getting installed. Instead of plenty people going round large acres to plant, count or do inspection, DJI AG Scouts drones are replacing. For irrigation, helicopters and specialized drones are used. For stock keeping, systems like Pix 4D are helping drone pilots and farmers get the best out of their land without spending so much on human labor. So now tell me, where is cool? Nowhere cool !

All I’m saying is, whatever you’re doing, find a technological innovation for it, lest you or the service becomes obsolete. Lay a strong foundation for your digital marketing needs. If in doubt talk to an agent at Inkgate Global. They have packages for all brands. Real estate, logistics firms, banks, schools, colleges, fashion firms, model agencies, etc.
For all your digital marketing needs, branding, talent management, social media management, website development and many more. They deliver. 💪🏾💪🏾

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