Commercial Blogging Masterclass Hits UCC and KNUST This September


In an era of degrees and certificates, there is that extra factor about you that will land you that job. Have you considered some extra skills? Programming? Web design? Graphics? Digital Marketing? After successful early events, Commercial Blogging Masterclass Comes your way one more time, this September. Ideal for enthusiasts in and around the UCC and KNUST campuses.

This skill training is our own way of giving back to the community in an ever increasing unemployment menace. We’ve had two public sessions already where attendees were certified and can now boast of self employment and residual income. The first session was at the West Hills Mall in Accra. The second session was at the Accra Mall also in Accra. This session will be held for enthusiasts in and around the Cape Coast municipality with some active participation from Takoradi and it’s environs. The KNUST session will also bring together enthusiasts within and without the Kumasi metro.

Commercial Blogging Masterclass Hits UCC and KNUST This Spetember

You’ll learn how to
1 Create websites from scratch (no coding)
2 How to blog,
3 Writing constructively and ethical writing.
4 WordPress Dashboards.
5 Vlogging (shooting and editing)

                                                                          6 SEO, SEM, Keyword Research, White Hats and Black Hats,


You’ll also be given tutorials on
Maintaining, Marketing and Monetizing
your site.

It starts this September
Venue for classes is UCC and KNUST

You can register online HERE

 A Laptop is a must.
Free Wifi,
Free breakfast  and lunch
Certificates will be awarded
Rate is only
150ghc for the whole package.
Discounted price  is 120ghc only valid for registrations before 15th September
Get in touch via 0500018757 or 0274790675

Commercial Blogging Masterclass Hits UCC and KNUST This Spetember

visit the website // for more info.

We also have alternatives for people who cannot attend the public sessions, where you either can choose video tutorials pre-recorded, or schedule private tuition with any of our able tutors.

 After this training, you should be able to build a website from scratch for yourself and hence for clients. Feel free to talk to any of us.




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