21 November 2018

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Dracula’s Castle is Real!

Written by on 21 November 2018

Known far and wide as ‘Dracula’s Castle’, Bran Castle overlooks a densely wooded mountain pass in Transylvania. I had long wanted to visit this 14th century gothic fortress for myself. The more I learnt though, the further the truth grew from the fiction; and yet the true story of Vlad Dracula is at times equally […]

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Just start

30 September 2017

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Perfection Is An Illusion: Just Start And Learn In The Process

Written by on 30 September 2017

Sometimes, you don’t have to know what will happen. Anxiety is the killer of dreams. Just Start and enjoy the flow! #FetehWrites I’ve gone through quite a lot which has got me thinking lately; and among those thoughts are whether I should continue writing, publishing or blogging. I always see young writers getting to levels […]

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