Author: Nana Ansah Adjei / Page 61

Top 10 Most Watched Ghanaian Music Videos On YouTube

Written by on 8 July 2015

There has always been the debate among Ghanaians about which artiste is more popular than which and one factor that cannot be taken out when considering artiste popularity, is the popularity of their music videos. YouTube provides a platform for artistes to showcase their work and it is very effective as a marketing method . […]

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Hit Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written By Sia

Written by on 6 July 2015

Sia is by no doubt one of a few  living legends in music, believe it or not. The creative mastermind who brought us hit songs like Chandelier and Titanium is a master songwriter and awesome singer who wrote or co-wrote all her songs from her albums and collaborations and also apparently many hit songs by […]

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The TED and TEDx Experience

Written by on 5 July 2015

If you have not heard of TED then well, now you have. They are the closest to a good cause to ‘changing the world’ that anybody will ever get. First you need to know more about them if you don’t already. TED TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences run by the […]

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6 Reasons Why People Give Up On Working Out

Written by on 4 July 2015

Everybody wants that perfectly chiseled abs, girls dig it, boys flaunt it and it always looks good in a swim suit. But once many start the course to get those ‘perfect’ abs, they give up sooner or later for one reason or another, but the reasons are mostly similar from person to person. If these […]

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BET Awards 2015 Big Winners and complete list

Written by on 29 June 2015

The BET Awards 2015 ended last Sunday , 28th June, 2015 and there were some big winners (though they weren’t very surprising) for the night and first time winners. The performances for the night were from the likes of P Diddy, Alicia Keys, Jason Derulo, Ciara, plus winners Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj. Though Beyonce wasn’t […]

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